Best Epicenter for Car Audio to Improve Audio Quality.

Best epicenter for car audio: When you connect the audio with a headphone to enjoy your music, it usually minimizes the bass level. In this article, there are suggested best epicenters for car audio that boost and restore the bass of your car audio. The best epicenter for car audio has the quality maximize of the bass in the music. It has the Sweep option that helps the user to choose the desired frequency of audio itself. It further helps in the bass increasing for making your audio experience amazing. The knob balances the level of the frequency of the epicenter.

Moreover, the epicenter also identifies the signal strength in the audio to restore the missing signal in case of inappropriate balance. It then gives the bass to the music. So, this article has phenomenal and efficient functioning best epicenter for car audio.

Comparison Table:



AudioControl Epicenter for Car audio, Model 855814005860 for Bass Equalizing and Expanding Features


It is the best quality epicenter, while AudioControl IN-DASH has poor quality material.

AudioControl Bass Enhancer Processor, Model Name the EPICENTER-IN-DASH, with SPL Display


It works efficiently due to the smart technology and efficient functioning processor. Contrary to this, Audiobank does not work great.

Best Epicenter for Car Audio by Audiobank, Model Number AP15, for Digital Bass Equalizing

This processor is the best epicenter for car audio because it puts the accurate frequency to the signal.

Our Best Picks:

Below is our best-picked epicenter for car audio;

1. AudioControl Epicenter for Car audio, Model 855814005860 for Bass Equalizing and Expanding Features


It is a multifunctional bass booster and bass restoration device that is easy to operate with remote control and cable. This Epicenter processor has the best sound equalizing procedure which works digitally. Its advanced technology increases the low bass notes and identifies the exact harmonics. The bass restoration and enhancement are also possible with an innovative ultra-quick frequency response up to 100,000 Hz. Moreover, it enhances the response of the system through its efficient performance. Furthermore, its material is of high quality, which lasts longer. On the other hand, AudioControl IN-DASH epicenter has low-quality material.

Technical Specifications:

Brand AudioControl
Item model number 855814005860
Weight 1.8 pounds
Dimension 9.4 x 11.9 x 3.4 in


  • It is a well-functioning bass resetting device that you can operate via cable and remote control.
  • The black color epicenter looks amazing for your car interior.
  • It has a dual Preamp input and output that allows efficient functioning via this processor.
  • This AudioControl Epicenter has effective center adjustability that gives you the best quality sound.


  • Works great
  • Best sound quality
  • Controls audio
  • Adds bass
  • Dynamic speakers


  • Does not have sound accuracy for slow music

2. AudioControl Bass Enhancer Processor, Model Name the EPICENTER-IN-DASH, with SPL Display


When you connect external devices, the bass of the audio gets low. The best epicenter for car audio by AudioControl gives extra bass to your music by detecting the accurate level of harmonics. It is possible with the PARA bass TM control and digital center frequency options. Moreover, it also has an SPL display with a MIC attached to it to detect the audio quality digitally. It also has an automatic LED light indicator that detects the accuracy and signal strength of the standard sound. Additionally, it is easy to operate with the simple single-operated bass knob. On the other hand, Audiobank does not work efficiently.

Technical Specifications:

Brand AudioControl
Weight 2.14 pounds
Dimension 10.24 x 2.13 x 2.76 in


  • This incredible bass restoration processor maximizes the level of the bass and response of the system collectively.
  • It gives your car speaker a dynamic and clear sound by canceling the extra noise.
  • Its preamp input and output levels detect the signal and help to maintain an accurate audio sound.
  • It is an innovative technology with a digital SPL meter that accurately shows the signal strength and bass level.


  • Best quality sound
  • Works great
  • Adds bass to music
  • Audio control
  • Accurate microphone


  • Poor quality material

3. Best Epicenter for Car Audio by Audiobank, Model Number AP15, for Digital Bass Equalizing with 15V and 13.5V Input and Output


This epicenter by AudiControl has the best functioning and bass restoring qualities. It makes your music more dynamic and clean by accurately placing accurate bass levels in the music. Moreover, it cancels the extra noise by its input of 60dB and output of 13.5v. Operating this processor is also easy with its dash mount remote control option.

Technical Specifications:

Brand Audiobook
Model number AP15
Weight 1.87 pounds
Dimension 9.8 x 8.18 x 2.2 in


  • It is the best epicenter for car audio that increases and restores the bass quality to improve the audio quality of your car.
  • It has the unique feature of detecting the missing signals and recreating the bass signals to give dynamic and balancing music.
  • The bass balancing plug has an efficient level of output that is of 13.5v.
  • Its frequency response is great in that it can adjust and detect 10 to 10,000 Hz.


  • Easy setup
  • Best quality material
  • Dynamic sound
  • Controls audio
  • Great speakers


  • Stopped working after a few months


Epicenter helps car audio by recreating signals for increasing the level of bass in the sound. It is done automatically by the best epicenter for car audio. You can see the car’s audio lacking the sound quality or the bass level. Thus, this digital bass balancing tool digitally equalizes the bass and sound quality. In this article, you will read the best epicenter for car audio that will give you dynamic sound by adding an extra level of bass in it.


Q1. Does epicenter help bass?

There is an inbuilt bass balancing quality that digitally helps the bass. As the epicenter identifies the leveling of the bass, it then manages itself to make the music clear and dynamic digitally. So, it helps the bass automatically to adjust.

Q2. What does an epicenter do for car audio?

An epicenter plays a specific role in a car for car audio as it detects the music harmonics and adds the bass to improve the sound quality. Thus, it rearranges the bass by increasing the signal strength.

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