Chiclet mechanical keyboard has Ergonomic Design for your Smooth typing Experience.

Chiclet mechanical keyboard is the best-designed keyboard that has flat and smooth keys. These keyboards are also known as island or chewing gum keyboards because of the unique, designed flat and less elevated keys. Thus, it is named for its specific shape after the Chicklet mechanical keyboard chewing gum company. This unique design provides the user easy and convenient online gaming and working experience. Moreover, theChiclet mechanical keyboard are specifically designed for heavy PCs or computers for gaming and typing purposes. These keyboards have a bigger area and a more accurate distance between the keys than traditional ones. This amazing manufacturing thus provides noiseless and efficient functioning than any conventional keyboard.

Comparison Table:



Cooler Master Chiclet mechanical keyboard, Model SK650 with RGB Backlighting in Gunmetal Color


This amazing keyboard has efficient functioning caps lock while Corsair keyboard’s caps lock stops working.

Corsair Chiclet mechanical keyboard, Model number K55 with Durable Keys and Comfortable Rubber Wrist Rest


It is the best quality keyboard with durable painted letters. On the other hand, Fiodio keys’ letters get erased after using for a while.

Video Chiclet Mechanical Keyboard, Model F260-8294 with Noiseless Keys and Media Control Modes


The flat and sleek keys are very comfortable for excessive online typing and playing.

Our Best Picks:

Here are our best-picked keyboards, which are comfortable and durable as well;

1. Cooler Master Chiclet Mechanical Keyboard, Model SK650 with RGB Backlighting in Gunmetal Color


It is the high-quality aluminium design Chiclet mechanical keyboard that is durable. The designing and assembling of keys look beautiful, along with RGB LED lighting. Its braided C type cable also looks adorable. Moreover, it has two different keycaps with a slim and flat surface. The cherry MX low profile switches are the most attractive sight in this Chiclet mechanical keyboard. Additionally, it gives the best performance and comfortable typing when you type or play online games. Furthermore, its caps lock work greatly while Corsair keyboard’s caps lock stops working.

Technical Specifications:

Brand Cooler Master
Model number SK-650-GKLR1-US
Weight 1.39 pounds
Dimension 17.05 x 4.94 x 1.17 in


  • This Chiclet mechanical keyboard has dual pair of keycaps, which consist of a slim straight surface set and a simple-looking set. Both these designs are comfy.
  • The distance between the keys is at an exact point which is easy to assemble.
  •  The quality of this Chiclet mechanical keyboard is durable; that is why it lasts longer after excessive use.
  • It has LED lighting as backlighting and key lighting, which look adorable when working or playing online.


  • Looks good
  • Best quality
  • Easy to carry
  • Comfortable typing
  • Well built


  • Loud rattling sound

2. Corsair Chiclet Mechanical Keyboard, Model number K55 with Durable Keys and Comfortable Rubber Wrist Rest


This Chiclet mechanical keyboard by Corsair is an RGB light keyboard that has lighting control options. The backlights and bar lights give an adorable effect when you type. Its comfortable keys and flat surface is so comfortable for hands and wrists. Its rubber material rest is soothing for your hands. This Chiclet mechanical keyboard has side buttons that have multiple controlling modes. The media controlling and light controlling modes are included in this. Moreover, the quality of the keyboard is incredible. Contrary to this, the Fiodio keyboard’s letters get soon after using it.

Technical Specifications:

Brand Corsair
Model number CH-9206015-NA
Weight 1.8 pounds
Dimension 18.9 x 6.6 x 1.4 in


  • It has the best RGB lighting setup with backlighting and bar lighting, which is attractive to the sight.
  • This amazing Chicklet mechanical keyboard has media and LED lamp controlling mode options.
  • It also has the best connectivity with an A-type USB, while the keyboard cable is non-braided.
  • One of its amazing features is its durability and water resistance feature. The dust and water resistance keypad design and paint have made it long-lasting for years.
  • Its refined design and rubber material below the wrist rest is so comfortable that it makes your typing easy and smooth.


  • Full size
  • Good quality
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable for wrists
  • Luminous RGB


  • Caps lock stops working

3. Fiodio Chiclet Mechanical Keyboard, Model F260-8294 with Noiseless Keys and Media Control Modes


This Chiclet mechanical keyboard has sleek and noiseless keys for your easy and smooth typing experience. You never get tired of the ergonomic design keyboard and wrist rest. It is one of the durable keyboards with water and spill resistance due to the high-quality material and unique design. It is easy to carry anywhere witch is a lightweight and foldable stand.

Technical Specifications:

Brand Video
Model number F260-8294
Weight 1 pound
Dimension 18 x 7.5 x 1.2 in


  • This Chiclet mechanical keyboard is easy to operate with its fast connectivity and universal compatibility. You can connect it easily without installing any software.
  • This Chiclet mechanical keyboard has anti-ghosting technology, which gives you uninterrupted online gaming or typing.
  • This water and dust resistance keyboard is durable and is also assigned with multimedia control keys.


  • Easy to use
  • Functions greatly
  • Inexpensive
  • High quality
  • Looks amazing


  • Letters’ paint started rubbing off


This article has suggested the best keyboards for online gaming and working, called Chiclet mechanical keyboards. This keyboard has a unique design of keys with the wrist rest which provides the best online working experience. Moreover, this article will find ergonomically designed keyboards and durable and noiseless keyboards. So, if you want the best quality and efficient working Chiclet mechanical keyboard, read this article thoroughly.


Q1. Is the Chiclet keyboard better than the mechanical keyboard?

Chiclet keyboard is a comfortable curved angled and less height keyboard. Moreover, it has thin keys for smooth typing. Thus, if you want a sleek designed keyboard, you will love it.

Q2. Is the Chiclet keyboard good?

Chiclet keyboard is a faster, smooth and quiet keyboard that gives you the best typing experience. The ergonomic design with noiseless keys provides comfort and an ideal online working environment.

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