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Cooking over blazing fire is a unique experience. Incorporating a primal aspect into your food, whether it’s grilling meat outside in the summer heat or even using a gas burner with a lot of BTUs, gives it a unique flavor. With a commercial wok burner (a gas-controlled fire pit that can erupt flames into the spinning exhaust above at up to nine times the strength of any gas burner on a household gas range), there is no replacement for stir-fry.

However, even though we cannot replicate this experience at home, we will not give up. The electric wok is a relatively new invention, appearing in the public eye in 1983 and being granted a patent in 1992. “A compact appliance,” according to this invention, “has a bowl-shaped pan which has a bottom side with a receiving space and an accompanying support structure.” An external power source should be used to power a heating coil embedded into the insulated base of this frame.

To cook your stir-fry without wilting the vegetables, you’ll want a wok with at least 1500 watts of electricity, or about 5,000 BTUs. Wok Hei, the characteristic that makes all the difference between a blazing stir-fry and meh sautés, may be captured using this method. Additionally, woks must be made with high, flared walls and a curved base so that distinct temperature zones may be created, allowing some items to be kept warm while others are seared all in one beautiful pan. The broad flat bottoms and the square shape of an electric skillet make it unsuitable for woking because of its straight rims. According to our criteria, these are the best electric woks on the market, and these are the ones that are ready to deliver the heat.

Comparison Table:



1. NUWAVE Electric Wok, Model Number 30801 in Carbon Steel and Dishwasher Safe



It is a high-temperature resistance electric wok that can be used lifelong due to its high-quality heat enduring feature. On the other hand, Presto electric wok cannot catch enough temperature.


2. Presto Electric Wok, Model Number 05900 with Durable Material and Heat Proof



The material used in this electric wok is durable due to its high quality. The coating is also long-lasting. Contrary to this, The Hot Wok coating is worst in heavy cooking and usage.


3. The Hot Wok, Model Number BEW800XL in Long Lasting Stainless Steel Material and Full Size



It is a multifunctional and heavy-duty electric wok that you can use for any purpose.


4. Electric Wok by Oster, Model Number 2124087 with Cool Touch Knob and Handles



It is durable and made up of the best quality material and a dynamic glass lid. Contrary to this, Aroma Houseware electric wok glass lid of cheap quality.


5. Electric Wok by Aroma Housewares, Model Number AEW-306, with Durable Nonstick and Strong Handles


This amazing electric wok is easy to clean and a durable nonstick plating pot. You love your food cooking, steaming, and deep frying with this adorable electric wok.


Our best picks:

1.  NUWAVE Electric Wok, Model Number 30801 in Carbon Steel and Dishwasher Safe

For the first time, we’ve come across an induction wok set that offers a level of control and precision that far surpasses any other technology on the market. One minute to 575 degrees Fahrenheit, a digital dial panel that adjusts to 5-degree increments and time, three wattage settings available, and no other rival can match that level of temperature control.

The round-bottomed, stick-handled carbon steel wok is the second important distinguishing feature. This 4-quart wok can imitate authentic wok cooking like nothing else on the market thanks to these three crucial features. Modern home woks, which must have a flat bottom, do not have the traditional spherical bottoms that radiate heat into the basin. In addition, most electric woks have narrow side handles and locked-in bases, making flipping impossible. Using a long silicone handle, you can effortlessly remove it from the oven and toss it like a pro-mid-cooking. And it’s the first electric wok of its kind to employ traditional carbon steel.

In addition, induction technology is a standout feature. The flames on the stovetop mimic the appearance of real-life flames by wrapping around the wok’s contours. However, the lowest half of the cookware has a greater concentration of magnetic coils, preserving the various heat zones important for cooking. Fast to warm up, heat, and cool down so you can wipe it clean.


  • Quickly reaches high temperatures
  • Carbon steel and a circular, traditional bottom with a long handle
  • Allows the user to cook when the base is detached from it.
  • Contains a cover, a wok stand, and a draining rack.


  • Seasoning and special attention are required for carbon steel
  • It’s a good thing to know

Tumbling and flip-tossing are the two methods of cooking in a wok. You can use either a long or a stick-handled wok for both types of cooking. On the other hand, most electric woks must be left connected to their bases at all times to function. As a result, toss-cooking is out of the question, with most handle designs featuring short ones on both sides. To distribute sauce and mix ingredients, you’ll need to use a technique known as “tumbling,” which involves stirring and flipping the wok simultaneously. The Presto 5900 Stainless Steel Electric Wok is the best for general-purpose cooking.

2. Presto Electric Wok, Model Number 05900 with Durable Material and Heat Proof

In a recent in-depth product evaluation, this electric flat-bottom wok performed wonderfully, with our tester praising that “the heat control throughout was magnificent.”

A regulator with a maximum setting of 400 degrees governs the output of this device. Our reviewer’s opinion took a few minutes for the sides to heat up. However, after it had warmed up, it could keep that heat. The regulator shuts off automatically and then restarts when it lowers to ensure the wok is safe and steady for all types of cooking at various degrees or even for food that gets trapped on high heat. We were able to scrape off the debris from the pan’s bottom as it was heating up with the accompanying wooden spatula while boiling water, making it easier to clean than other stainless steel cookware.


  • Keeps heat in
  • Setup is a breeze
  • Handles with side loops maintain a comfortable temperature.
  • Dishwasher-friendly


  • The heat control plug becomes overheated
  • Deep frying is not recommended.

·    Size: 17.6×8.87×14.06 inches, 1500 watts, stainless steel construction.

3. The Hot Wok, Model Number BEW800XL in Long Lasting Stainless Steel Material and Full Size

Designed by Breville, the electric wok uses 1800 watts of power to heat the wok from its gently rounded floor to its extended nonstick-coated borders. This design creates a wok’s walls to look like they’re engulfed in flames. In addition to increasing the cooking surface area, this creates multiple heat zones for better one-pot cooking flexibility. It has a maximum searing temperature of 425 degrees Fahrenheit, and our tester confirmed that “the heat stays on, cooking everything swiftly” at the highest setting. Steaming racks are also an option; the tempered glass cover, which is vented, should keep enough vapor in the container.

The 8-quart capacity of this die-cast wok allows you to cook in large quantities, no matter what you’re making. According to our test subject, it was a terrific technique to feed many people. In addition to the cool-grip handles and a durable, scratch-resistant QuanTanium nonstick coating on the aluminum bowl, this modern wok’s easy-to-maneuver slide bar lock/unlock mechanism, and dishwasher readiness, channel the tribal cooking roots of its ancient predecessors. Another plus is the instrument itself, which boasts an all-metal design with comfortable grips and an hourglass-shaped profile. Breville’s original Hot Wok has a 6-quart capacity and 1500 watts of power if you’re not interested in such a vast capacity.


  • reaches a temperature suitable for searing
  • Live flame cooking is mimicked by the use of a butterfly-shaped heating element.
  • Increased cooking surface due to high walls.


  • Plenty of room for a lot of stuff
  • At lower temperatures, the heating system operates in a cycle of on/off.
  • Deep frying is not recommended.
  • the rack may be tilted in the steamer

Dimensions: 5.3 x 9 x 7.4 inches | Capacity: 8 quarts | Power: 1800 watts | Material: stainless steel base, die-cast bowl

4. Electric Wok by Oster, Model Number 2124087 with Cool Touch Knob and Handles

With a 4.7-quart capacity, this electric wok falls just short of the competition. As far as performance is concerned, it has a maximum temperature control panel of 420 degrees Fahrenheit, good heat conduction from the round bottom up, and the brand’s “longest-lasting nonstick,” which it claims to be.

When it comes to scratch resistance and long-term wear and tear, Oster calls its Diamondforce coating. Additionally, the temperature probe plug is completely detachable, making cleanup even easier. Cool-touch, wide handles, and tempered-glass lids with a knob that promise to keep from getting too hot to handle are also included as additional safety features in this model. This compact and economical gadget is a diamond in the rough, possibly the cheapest diamond you’ll ever buy.


  • The power cord can be removed for storage.
  • Temperatures, not numbers, are used to set heat settings.
  • The spherical bottom is the most common.
  • Cons

  • Deep frying is not recommended.
  • Conveniently located and difficult to detect temperature controls.

4.7-quart capacity, 1200-watt power, DiamondForceTM nonstick coating, 15×6.9×15.1-inch size.

It’s a good thing to know

An excellent wok turner is a must-have piece of kitchen equipment. The all-purpose spatula that scoops up and scrapes food from the side of the frying pan with ease and slides beneath it like it was intended for it is a household staple. Your go-to will likely fall short in the wok. Because woks’ walls are convex, normal spatulas leave behind bits because of their straight edges, borderless drop-offs, and angle. When cooking in an electric wok, you have no choice but to tumble-cook. Hence wok turners, also known as wok Chuan, are built with a little curve around the pan. Because you can’t pour food out of an electric wok into a bowl or a plate, you’ll need a shovel to scoop it out, and they feature raised edges that do just that.

5. Electric Wok by Aroma Housewares, Model Number AEW-306, with Durable Nonstick and Strong Handles

Aroma Housewares is a company that specializes in small appliances for Asian kitchens. As a result, it has a monopoly on the market for rice cookers. So it was no surprise that its electric woks were equally well praised. Aroma Housewares’ basic model is a best-seller in this category, but for a little more money, it’s well worth it to get the Professional Model we propose here, even if it’s 2 quarts smaller than the other Aroma Housewares models.

The upgrade is unbeatable with a complete set that includes a dishwasher-safe wok and base, a steamer platform, a frying rack, cooking chopsticks, a steam-control tempered glass, and a high-dome cover in terms of value. The quick-release trigger on the temperature control probe allows easy disassembly and cleanup. To make things even easier, it’s nonstick-coated. Authenticity features such as a cast metal construction and a perfectly rounded basin bring the finished product closer to the original.


  • It can be removed for storage.
  • Dishwasher-safe: the entire unit
  • Steam vent that may be adjusted to steam or simmer
  • Deep-frying is not a problem


  • Basin is on the shallower side.

5 quarts of capacity, 1500 watts of power, and cast metal make up the dimensions and material of this unit.

Concluding Thoughts

When it comes to an authentic wok cooking experience, the NuWave Mosaic Induction Wok is unbeatable (view at Amazon). Not the most powerful (the Cadillac of electric woks is a high-capacity Breville Hot Wok Pro), but it’s quick to heat up and precise in its construction with a focus on realism.

What to Consider When Purchasing an Electric Wok?

They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Electric woks, on the other hand, have a limited menu. Some materials, such as cast iron, are too heavy to be used in a mobile device. Until the NuWave Induction Wok introduction, no one had ever made an electric wok out of carbon steel since they demand a lot of love and use (aka, constant seasoning). As a result, consider your options as curated, not constrained: Stainless steel and nonstick coatings on highly conductive metals like aluminum are the most common options.

Most electric wok sets have detachable parts, so scrubbing them like you would stainless can be an option if you prefer that over nonstick. However, non-stick pans are easier to clean and cook with but wear out more quickly at high temperatures. Metal utensils can be used with one but not with the other. It’s a matter of convenience and comfort, not tradition or authenticity.


The material of the inner vessel is only one factor to take into account when purchasing an electric wok. As a result of sticky sauces, stuck-on meat, and many searing, cleanup is an important factor to keep in mind while making your purchase. With detachable parts, the best electric woks may be washed in the dishwasher, soaked, scrubbed, or even the full cooking portion.

Also, look for models with detachable power cords so that you may securely clean the unit’s base. To make sure that both work in your kitchen, pay attention to the length and location of the controls on the power cords you’re considering. Nothing is more inconvenient than purchasing a new appliance only to discover that you require an extension cord to use it since the knobs and indicators are labeled backward.


Family-sized electric woks often have broad mouths, high walls, and rounded, bowl-shaped interiors, making them ideal for cooking large amounts of food. On the other hand, Stovetop woks must have flat bottoms and dimensions that promote a balanced center of gravity to avoid tipping. When using a motorized kit, you don’t have to worry about needing to yell out “meat overboard!” because of the higher walls that are possible with the stand-up design instead of using a pan.

As a result, freestanding woks are great for batch cooking or preparing a large meal for the entire family, as they typically have a diameter of at least afoot. When cooking for three to four people, a 12- to 14-inch wok is ideal since it allows you to cook a substantial amount of food without crowding the pan.

The capacity of the Heater

All of the references to wok revolve around the idea of heat, heat, and more heat. Large open flames are used in all restaurants specializing in wok cooking, resulting in much higher temperatures than can be achieved on a standard home stove. When it comes to an electric wok, you’ll want as much power as you can get.

With a maximum power of 1500 watts, most electric woks are comparable to their electric skillet counterparts. If you want even a semblance of wok her, you’ll need at least that much practice. The more power you have, the better off you are! It’s possible to reach a temperature of up to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit, like the Breville Hot Wok Pro.

The capacity to maintain a constant temperature during the heating process is also critical. You need a device that can swiftly heat up and quickly cool down, so you don’t have to worry about it overheating or overcooking. For electric woks, responsiveness is more crucial than precision. You only need to visit a wok-kitchen restaurant to see this for yourself. Do you mean the flame controls? There isn’t a single blemish to be found on them.


The price of woks varies widely, and there is little consistency in the whys and wherefores of this. High-end woks can cost as much as $400 and change, while entry-level woks start at $35. It’s a good thing that electric woks are more constant in price, and the best ones can be had for approximately $200, which isn’t terrible considering that most woks cost more than $100 for the cookware alone.


Is an electric wok better than an electric skillet?

Wattage is a critical factor. Electric woks aim far higher than electric skillets, which typically have a power range of 1000-1500 watts. However, the shapes of an electric skillet and a wok are the most evident way they can be distinguished. Square skillets and round, bowl-like woks are no exception to the rule that changing the shape of a pan alters the flavor and texture of the food. Woks can be identified by their distinctive curvature, which impacts the chemistry and technique of food reaction and treatment. The high, sloping walls generate different heat zones employed as additional cooking surfaces and barriers to keep accidental bites in.

Why do electric woks heat up so quickly?

Electricity, as the name suggests, powers an electric wok. The base may be plugged into any standard outlet, like any non-battery-operated small appliance. The heating element in this base, which is usually a coil, is used to heat your wok. The heating element’s size and design and the substance of the cookware affect how quickly and how hot it becomes.

Cleaning an electric wok isn’t as simple as you would think.

The type of electric wok you choose impacts how you clean it. It is not always the case. The plug may also be detachable, allowing you to clean the device’s base fully. Using this method, you can soak and clean the wok like a skillet made of that material. Dishwasher-safe bases, basins, and lids are also available.

An electric wok can be used for deep-frying.

You can, but only up to where the device can withstand it. However, the question of whether or not it is advisable remains unanswered. Choose your electric wok wisely by letting the manufacturer be your guiding light. You can tell if a fry rack is included by looking at the appliance’s packaging.

What exactly does the term “wok hei” mean?

A more accurate translation of wok hei is “the breath of the wok.” The combination of caramelization of the sugar, Maillard reactions, smoking oil, vaporization of water molecules, and extremely high heat creates a flavor-infusing process. It’s like chasing a wildfire—you never know what you’re going to get, which is why it’s an art form. There are little bursts of flame that look like short hugs and celebratory smooches all around the food in the wok at the exact instant it happens. Quick surface caramelization is achieved with a burst of fire that removes any extra moisture while maintaining the moistness and crispness of your meat and vegetables.

The Spruce Eats: Why Should You Have Faith in It?

For Su-Jit Lin, food is in his blood, especially Chinese-American cuisine, a unique regionalization of cross-cultural cuisine that is only now beginning to receive its due respect and adoration. Since her great-grandfather was a restaurant owner and her father was an immigrant, she was raised in a restaurant kitchen, where she learned to cook by being surrounded by woks and the sound of open fires. There must be a range (or even just one burner!) in her ideal kitchen that can produce the kind of wok-encompassing heat. It’s not all for naught, though; she still has no idea how to turn anything in a wok or a skillet properly.

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