iphone 5 credit card case: Phone cases protect your phones from external damages and accidents. If you fall off from height, water, shocks or scratches, your phone gets protected due to these cases. These cases are also easy to carry due to the anti-slippery and comfortable material. So, people carry their phones easily anywhere with these ergonomic cases whether they are working, shopping, travelling, hiking, camping, exercising, etc.

Along with carrying this important digital device with us, we also have to carry a little cash or important cards with us in case of travelling or shopping. So, for this purpose, multiple companies have designed multifunctional phone cases that also work to hold your essential cards and credit. This article has picked the best quality iPhone 5 credit card case for you.

Comparison Table:



FYY Wallet Case and iPhone 5 Credit Card Case in Beautiful and Durable PU Leather in Rose Gold


This amazing cover fits the phone perfectly, while the Smartish case does not fit the phone.

Smartish iPhone 5 Credit Card Case for iPhone 5s and SE with Smooth and Durable material in Red Color


The high-quality case lasts longer; contrary to this, the Wisdompro case has poor quality.

Wisdom Leather iPhone 5 Credit Card Case with Full Protection in Purple Color


You can use this amazing iPhone credit card case for protecting your phone from friction, as well as to carry your credit cards and cash.

Our Top Picks:

Scroll down to view our top picked iPhone 5 credit card cases;

1. FYY Wallet Case and iPhone 5 Credit Card Case in Beautiful and Durable PU Leather in Rose Gold


This iPhone 5 credit card case is multifunctional due to its multiple sections and card holding options. It keeps the mobile phone inside it and can carry cards, cash, and other small stuff. Moreover, it protects your phone greatly with its premium PU leather. This phone cover plus credit card pouch also looks amazing. The best material, leather, is durable and reliable for daily use. Furthermore, it fits perfectly not only on iPhone 5 but on iPhone 5s and SE. Contrary to this, Smartish Silk iPhone 5 credit card cases do not fit perfectly on phones.

Technical Specifications:

Brand FLY
Model number US-H-326-iPhone-5e-P
Weight 3.17 ounces
Colour A Rose Gold


  • This multifunctioning mobile case can be used for multiple purposes like protecting your phone and carrying your credit cards and cash.
  • The best quality PU leather is durable and long-lasting. It also looks beautiful in your hand.
  • You can hold and use your phone easily with this cover. Operating your phone is also smooth with this iPhone 5 credit card case.
  • The company offers one year warranty with the best customer care services. That shows its durability.


  • Best quality
  • Looks great
  • Easy to hold
  • Fit perfectly
  • Protects the phone


  • Not long-lasting

2. Smartish iPhone 5 Credit Card Case for iPhone 5s and SE with Smooth and Durable material in Red Color


This incredible iPhone 5 credit card case is the best phone case and card pouch. You can put your cards and cash in this high-quality iPhone case easily. Moreover, this is an inexpensive and reliable mobile case that fully protects your mobile phone. With this easy to use case, you can easily operate your iPhone 5. The best quality rubber material is smooth but durable, lasting even in a harsh environment and heavy usage. On the other hand, the Wisdompro case has low quality that peels off.

Technical Specifications:

Brand Silk
Model number Q5-RED
Weight 0.81 ounces
Dimension 3.2 x 0.8 x 6 in


  • The incredible design of this case fully protects your cell phone, even the screen of the phone.
  • Operating your iPhone is easy with this easy to use and easy to carry iPhone 5 credit card case.
  • With this best-designed pouch, you can easily use your charger, headset or another accessory without any hurdle.
  • The best quality rubber material and design stay longer even in a moist environment.


  • Best quality
  • Works great
  • Good protection
  • Looks incredible
  • Cardholder


  • Does not fit well

3. Wisdompro Leather iPhone 5 Credit Card Case with Full Protection in Purple Color


It is one of the best iPhone 5 cases protecting the phone and holding your cards and credit. The amazing leather material is long-lasting and high quality, protecting the phone against harsh humid weather, falling off and scratches of daily use. The operating of your iPhone is also convenient with a single touch and full protection. You can easily hold this easy to clean mobile case anywhere.

Technical Specifications:

Brand Wisdom
Item number W-PULeatherPC-Case-Ci5gs-Purple-AUS
Weight 2.79 ounces
Dimension 5.21 x 2.74 x 0.73 in


  • This easy to use iPhone 5 credit card case looks beautiful due to its amazing design, unique material and sleek looks.
  • The quality of the material is best and durable. The PU leather does not let your phone damage or break after falling off accidentally.
  • You can easily operate your phone using this case. You can use any feature of your phone with a soft touch due to its smooth fabric.
  • It is easy to clean with any damp cloth or tissue paper.


  • Inexpensive
  • Sleek design
  • Looks amazing
  • Protects the phone
  • Easy to hold


  • Peels off due to poor quality


This article has suggested the best iPhone credit card cases, which are of high quality and last longer and work efficiently. The iPhone credit card case is also easy to carry anywhere due to its sleek and comfy design. Moreover, the smooth material protects your iPhone very well. You can also operate your iPhone using single touch to attend calls.


Q1. Can I put my credit card in my iPhone case?

In the market, different multifunctioning iPhone cases work like credit card pouches. So, you can use those cases to hold your credit cards and cash. These cases also work as wallet phone cases.

Q2. Is putting your credit card on your phone safe?

Yes, it is safe to put a credit card on the phone. Your cell phone has a minor magnetic field only present in the speaker, which can’t damage your cards.


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