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The bit of a Makita hammer drill is similar to that of a regular drill in that it is driven into the material by a hammering action. This impact reduces the bit’s effort and the operator’s effort to drill through tough materials like concrete, brick, and block. Both corded and cordless hammer drills are readily accessible. Drilling speed is measured in RPM (per minute) for corded and cordless drills, and corded drills have higher power and a faster RPM than cordless drills. Using a cordless drill has a lot of benefits.

Comparison Table:



1. DEWALT 1-2 Inches Fastest Hammer Drill, Model Number DW511 with Powerful and Efficient Functioning

It is a dynamic power tool for concrete walls which works efficiently. Contrary to this, Bosch hammer drill is not as powerful comparatively.


2. Bosch Hammer Drill, Model Number 1191VSRK with Long Cord, in Blue Color

It is easy to handle hammer drill which does not slip when you grip due to high quality material and design while Milwaukee Hammer drill is of cheap quality comparatively.


3. Milwaukee ½ Inches Hammer Drill Model Number 5376-20 with Dynamic Functioning in Red Color


This dynamic heavy duty drill hammer works incredibly. On the other hand, Makita 5/8 Inch hammer drill does not work very well comparatively.


4. Makita 5/8 Inch Hammer Drill and Kit with Solid Body and Powerful Tools



This powerful drilling tool is fun to use as it comes with a full kit. Opposite to this, Milwaukee Bare hammer drill does not have charger or any other important accessories with it.


5. Milwaukee 1-2 Inches Bare Cordless Hammer drill with Compact Size and Durable Battery time


It is an easy to handle cordless hammer drill which works great due to its durable battery and high quality material. Moreover, it has ergonomic handling for its valuable users.


1. DEWALT 1-2 Inches Fastest Hammer Drill, Model Number DW511 with Powerful and Efficient Functioning

The Dewalt DW511 hammer drill has a 7.8-amp motor, making it one of the strongest pistol-grip hammer drills on the market. This hammer drill has excellent drilling capabilities and a quick response time in concrete and wood. It can drill through wood, steel, and other materials than brick because it includes a variable-speed trigger and two drilling modes (standard and hammer). You may hold it in various angles to have the finest control possible, thanks to its 360-degree side handle.

2. Bosch Hammer Drill, Model Number 1191VSRK with Long Cord, in Blue Color

The lightweight, single-speed Bosch 1191 VSR hammer drill is perfect for little jobs that require drilling huge holes. There’s a 7-amp motor and a 3,000 RPM maximum on this hammer drill, making it one of the most powerful in its class. Even if you have huge hands, it has a 360-degree rotating grip. Although it can be switched from rotary to hammer drill mode, it is slightly sluggish when drilling into freshly poured concrete.

3. Milwaukee ½ Inches Hammer Drill Model Number 5376-20 with Dynamic Functioning in Red Color

The metal gear housing of this hammer drill allows it to be utilized in concrete, wood, and metal with equal success. The depth rod can be set for pre-determined hole drilling using the 360-degree handle. Strong, simple, and unobtrusive: the trigger lock. While reducing vibration and fatigue, the over-molded metal tool housing gives a solid and pleasant grip.

4. Makita 5/8 Inch Hammer Drill and Kit with Solid Body and Powerful Tools

Milwaukee’s M18 family of cordless power tools includes the 2607-20, a 1/2-inch cordless hammer drill. Most of the tools in the series use 18-volt M18 batteries, which are interchangeable. If you want the ease of a cordless tool but don’t need the high speed or long-lasting power of a corded one, this is a hammer drill to consider.

This multifunctional tool features three drilling modes, a small weight of about 3 pounds, a keyless chuck, and an LED light, in addition to its cordless simplicity. It’s a heavy-duty cordless drill driver with a hammer drill feature. It is a better alternative than most ordinary hammer drills if you only require one tool for all-purpose drilling, standard driving, and occasional hammer drilling.

5. Milwaukee 1-2 Inches Bare Cordless Hammer drill with Compact Size and Durable Battery time

With a 6-amp motor, the Makita HP1641 hammer drill is one of the lightest and most powerful on the market. It has two modes of drilling: normal and hammer.

Secondly, the drill’s Chuck is unusual in both of these respects. To begin with, this is a keyless hammer drill, which is uncommon for corded models. It is also larger than the majority of the hammer drills in this category at 5/8-inch. Although it is more convenient, a keyless chuck may not hold pieces as securely as one with a key. Even though the tool’s power is quite low, the tool’s chuck capacity can be useful if you chance to have a large bit on hand.

How to Pick the Right Drilling Features for the Job at Hand?

As with any power tool, you should test out a few different hammer drills before deciding to ensure that the tool is comfortable in your hands and well-balanced. You may narrow down your options by looking at a few important qualities for features.

A comparison of corded versus cordless

More powerful and suitable for heavier duty, corded drills A corded tool is preferable if you need to drill many holes in brickwork. Cordless drills are more compact and portable, making them more suited for general-purpose drilling tasks requiring the hammer function occasionally.

Drilling Modes That Can Be Switched Between

It would help if you acquired a hammer drill that can drill into wood, metal, plastic, and other non-masonry materials unless you have a specific requirement for a hammer drill for masonry.

Infinite Speed Range

For masonry drilling, speed control isn’t as vital as it is for wood and metal drilling, but it’s still important. Variable speed is a must to use the drill in its regular (non-hammering) mode.

With lightning-fast efficiency, you may expect the unexpected.

Considerably more powerful drills can handle more difficult tasks better than smaller, slower, and less powerful ones. Smaller tools, on the other hand, are lighter and more adaptable. Finally, a heavy-duty hammer drill with a high RPM and good hammering speed is what you need if you need the power and heft. It’s best not to acquire a more powerful tool than you need if you want it to be versatile because it will be heavier and more difficult to wield when doing finer tasks.

The Makita 12V Hammer Drill is the best 12-volt hammer drill on the market today.

In our most recent Best Drill Head to Head Review, we put more than 50 drills of all shapes, sizes, and power ratings to the test. Makita’s 12V hammer drill, the XP05, entered the fray. Because there aren’t many 12V hammer drills on the market right now, it didn’t have much competition. This Makita 12V hammer drill was put to the test. Here’s what we figured out.


Only a handful of 12V models have a feature set that’s as complete as this. Many manufacturers are more concerned with keeping the price down when designing a smaller, more powerful 18V model as a compliment. Most 12V drills don’t include the smart controls, smart tracking, specialty modes, or accessory suites seen on premium flagship models, so make use of them when you do. The Makita 12V hammer drill is one such example.

The Makita PH05, on the other hand, comes equipped with a brushless motor and a two-speed transmission. Makita follows suit with the plastic/metal chuck that many other brands use.


Check out our Best Drill Head-to-Head Review to discover how we measure speed and soft torque.

Testing for Speed

We used a 1/2′′ Milwaukee Red Helix Titanium Twist Bit and a 5-ply OSB subfloor for our speed under load tests. The Makita PH05 hammer drill clocked in at an average speed of 975 revolutions per minute, placing it fourth among all 12V drills and first among the three hammer drills tested.

You probably don’t want to go any bigger in high speed than the 3/4′′ Bosch Daredevil High-Speed Auger bit, which we tested and found similar in speed and efficiency at 66 percent of the no-load speed.

You can pick up some of the larger bit sizes, up to a little more than an inch or so, at low speed. You may be able to go even further with some of the more efficient parts available.

For concrete drilling, Makita hammer drill was not the most efficient hammer drill. However, none of these 12V hammer drills even come close to the performance of the 18V small class. In the middle of Milwaukee’s 10.8-second and Hilti’s 15.73-second average is Makita’s 12.73-second average.

Testing for Torque

Finally, the torque of each tool was determined. The torque generated by the Makita 12V Makita hammer drill averaged 104 in-lbs on our compression rig when using the Makita hammer drill. It was the top Makita hammer drill in the competition, and it placed 5th overall.

The lowest result is under 100 in-lbs, and the highest result is 116. Therefore the range isn’t that broad. 102 to 108 lb is the weight of the rest of the group. Overall, the Makita PH05 is a solid performer in the 12V class. A little slower than the top performers, but with enough power to accomplish just as much.

One of the group’s tallest members is this Makita 12V Makita hammer drill, standing at 7.5′′. That isn’t as significant as its 6.7-inch head length. One of the more compact heads for a Makita hammer drill, which requires additional space for the mechanism, is noteworthy. Its 2.48-pound weight puts the Makita PH05 in the middle of the 12V weight distribution, between 1.96 and 3.24 pounds. Although a few lighter models, we only include Bosch’s PS32 as the lightest at less than 4 ounces.


It’s now on sale for $108.39 as a bare tool or $179.00 with two 2.0Ah batteries for a total price of $179.00.

You get light concrete drilling with the purchase of this kit, which raises the price of the bare tool.


The Makita PH05 has a comfortable lead over its Makita hammer drill opponents now that the results are in. It places it in the upper echelon of 12V drills. Aside from a few minor details, the design is flawless. A Makita hammer drill mode is the most significant benefit of this tool since it allows for light concrete drilling.

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